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Instruments made during that period are not likely to be their best examples, as the workers were still relatively new at the manufacturing process.In March of 1974 an alpha-numeric system was established, where the first character (letter) of a serial number indicated the decade; "G" for the 1970's, "H" for the 1980's, etc.

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In 1907 he built an Immensaphone, the largest horn in the world. The Conn factory also built the world's largest drum, a slide tuba to make noises like a ship's warning whistle, tenor tubas for the jackass role in Strauss' Don Juan, and a saxophone for one-armed musician Al Miller. During the Korean War part of the facilities was converted to defense production, and Conn achieved another record in precision manufacturing. Conn French horns, for example, have been the horn of choice for the Hollywood film industry for most of the 20th Century. Today's best trumpet players are discovering the break-through performance with Vintage One trumpets.In 1875, a French musical instrument maker named Dupont stopped by the shop and asked if he might use Conn's bench to repair some horns.After watching him work for several days, Conn decided that he, too, could make a horn.The new mouthpiece, which he later patented, caught the eye of other musicians.He made a few for his friends, but soon there was such a demand for his mouthpieces that he rigged up a lathe from an old sewing machine and began turning them out as fast as possible.Many of today's most preferred instruments owe their original success to Conn's innovation. These innovative designs, enhanced by superior craftsmanship and technological breakthroughs, have provided today's musicians with the superior instrument performance.

The pre-1982 range of Yamaha Trumpets with three digit model numbers appear to have been marketed as such:1xx : Standard / College 2xx : Standard / College 3xx : Standard / College 6xx : Professional 7xx : Professional 9xx : Custom Does anyone have any old brochures or marketing material from this time that they are willing to sent to me or share as a .pdf? ) 6xx : Professional (Flugel range only) 6xxx : Professional 6xxx H : Professional Heavywieght (introduced 1987, replaced by Xeno Range) 6xxx H : Maestro Range (UK Brass Band marketing, now marketed as NEO range except cornets) 6xxx : Professional Signature Series (Bob Shew, etc...) 8xx : Custom (Unique Japan only medium bore range) 8xxx H : Pre-Xeno (Custom?

Also, the serial numbers from 1981 - 1987 for the Brasswinds are for student trumpets and cornets only.

Data for the years 1967 to March 1974 is rather sketchy, for it was around that period of time that the Conn Brasswinds were being manufactured in Abilene, TX.

The fourth character (number) indicates the specific type of instrument: "1" = Cornet, "2" = Trumpet, "3" = Alto Horn, "4" = French Horn, "5" = Mellophone, "6" = Valve Trombone, "7" = Slide Trombone, "8" = Baritone Horn & Euphonium, "9" = Tuba, and "10" = Sousaphone.

The remaining four numbers of the serial number indicate the production number of the instrument on a monthly basis.

introduced 2005-) 9xxx : Custom 9xxx : Custom Artist (Allen Vizzutti, Bergeron, etc...) As you can see there is quite a lot of varience in the way models are described, breaking away from the Range/Key/Bore/Model number structure.

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