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How do the site's operators know whether I followed the script?Or that I didn't just talk dirty and leave a 900 number for blind users to call me for phone sex? But so far, contributors have not abused the freedom of instant publishing."We may implement some Craigslist-style flagging if it becomes a problem," says Elmer.

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It took approximately two seconds after I submitted the description for the new MP3 to appear in the list."In the end, the site must be community-driven if it's going to scale."Elmer says he has fielded requests from other organizations wanting to license the software behind the site. "All the technology we use is open source (Flex, Red5, FFmpeg) and not excessively difficult to string together," he says.New developments will stem from user feedback, Elmer says."But we've been extremely impressed with most of the contributions.People are clearly putting time and effort into their descriptions and we thank them for that."The saying "that's like porn for the blind" is an old joke, but like the toothing hoax of a few years ago, community participation is making Porn for the Blind real.I have been coming up here since I was in middle school.

It is really the best site you can find to have fun on.

At press time, the collection had about 14 descriptions – two of which I recorded myself.

Not a huge showing for a site that launched two years ago.

A sighted person accustomed to the visual assault of most websites could easily pass it by.

The homepage presents a welcome message and links to audio descriptions with titles like "Cum Overload." A second page contains an embedded audio recorder and directions for contributing a description, along with a list of sites users would like to hear described."Porn for the Blind is a distributed, community-generated accessibility project, and it is an interactive experience," Elmer says.

and now i m telling my friends all about this site and they r all loving it, 4 the ppl who made this site, GREAT JOB I've been coming here since I was 14 and I'm 16 now and its a great place to come chill and meet cool people. All positive things to say about these free chat rooms.