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In seeking to date others who CAN take you to the temple ...And my your search bring you as much happiness as it has brought me!

Prayer can grant you miracles if you apply it with faith and works. And what wonderful youth we have when they Desire to do good and keep themselves morally clean.

Additionally, this traditional idea seems promotes a type of gospel perfectionism that makes even the most faithful members and believers in Christ, wonder if they have "done enough." The Atonement is infinite in its power and God has made it possible for us all to return in the FULLNESS of his Glory, if YOU accept Him.

Not if your spouse (or lack of one), chooses otherwise.

Name: Deseret Country: Comments: You're not supposed to be "dating" anyone who is on a mission and I think you need to be honest with him and explain how you feel, don't take too long otherwise he may feel you two are serious when in fact you don't feel the same way.

The best thing to do is to be honest with him, just write him a letter and tell him everything that's the least you can do.

I found this text for dating while in Arizona: "CELESTIAL DATING ...

OR" "HOW TO PREPARE FOR LIFE AND REALLY FALL IN LOVE ON THE LORD' S TERMS"By Bishop Steven Satterfield Three Steps to a Celestial Marriage Blessings to you in doing what's right ...

But in the context of D&C 131:1-4 it has transition over the years and morphed into concepts never taught by Joseph Smith.

The fact that JS didn’t teach it, doesn’t mean modern day revelation can’t clarify the teaching.

It’s important to understand that Agency, must remain to correctly understand this scripture.

As such the traditional interpretation of this passage being the Celestial Kingdom is divided into three sub-degrees of glory seems and its requirement of eternal marriage, making your salvation dependent on anothers covenant keeping, seems to negate agency.

But there has never been further “revelation” on the topic, only “logical” conclusion, which is based off of a potentially faulty understanding of the passage.

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