Chris evans evan rachel wood dating

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Chris' younger brother, Scott, who is also an actor (the gene pool runs strong in this family!

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“Eventually, when it was like, ‘Oh, you have these feelings for me? Evan Rachel Wood was quick to confirm that there was no third party - male or female - involved in her split from husband Jamie Bell in May, slamming reports that she had 'hooked up' with actress Michelle Rodriguez.I don’t want to sound pompous, but it was really hard to play dumb and ditsy.” Evan Rachel Wood, Woody Allen’s Latest Muse Figuring out the Woodman.We didn't think anything could be hotter than Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood's last Gucci ad. — the similarly named twosome surprised us by getting even sexier in the latest ad campaign, this time for Gucci Guilty Black.Despite what the name might suggest, the shots aren't in B&W, but instead, a Christmasy red and green — kinda makes us think of what might happen if X-mas took a slightly X-rated turn., a searing drama being directed by Carlos Sanchez and Jason Sanchez.

Luc Dery and Kim Mc Craw are producing the indie, which is in preproduction for a shoot later in November in Montreal. The script is a two-hander that centers on a troubled 30-year-old woman (Wood) who becomes obsessed with a teen, manipulating her to run away to live with her.

A twisted and intense relationship, fueled by codependency and manipulation, ensues.

and enjoyed a nine-month relationship until parting ways in February (17), although Chris and Jenny were recently reported to have rekindled their romance. ” Chris and Jenny have yet to confirm their dating status, but hinted at their renewed relationship in late October (17), when they exchanged a few flirty messages on , the next installment of the superhero blockbuster, which hits theaters next year (18).

Whatever love and happiness you can find in this life, hold onto it.” See photos of Hollywood Stars on Broadway Spidey on Broadway.

But how could I say no to a Woody Allen film even though I can’t say I identified with my character who is not exactly a smart cookie.

She is the daughter of playwright and actor Ira David Wood III and actress Sara Lynn Moore.