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I used the example of Christians arguing that the wife in This is similar to the argument by the Christian women that the wife in Fireproof wasn’t being whorish because she planned on divorcing her husband and marrying the other man she was after before having sex with him.

In many of those cases, I’d argue that they should separate and not remarry, such as the case of addictions.Moreover, Sheila isn’t just another commenter on the internet, she is a respected author and speaker on the topic of marriage for Christian women. Of course, if there is abuse going on, that is a totally different story.All men need to understand this; if your wife decides to divorce you for another man, there will be well respected Christians lining up to justify her decision and place all of the blame on you. But changing yourself doesn’t mean that you change who you fundamentally are.But the Englishman has been struck down with illness ahead of the game against the bottom-of-the-table club and Pochettino admitted he could miss the game but is hopeful Kane will recover in time for the first of two games in three days. “He was involved last game and then was out of the squad. I’ve stated in the past that most churches are actually proud that devout Christians only divorce 38% of the time.

More recently I’ve shown that the movie Christians cherish for representing their values on marriage is actually barely dressed up divorce porn for women.

She even excuses the wife lining up the other man as the other fundamental justification for divorce. So now we know emotional abuse fits in her definition of abuse.

In one of Sheila’s video blogs she reminded women that they shouldn’t assume husbands are the only ones with obligations. Again, she states that only two very specific reasons justify divorce and then proceeds to expand the terms to the point where nearly every wife initiated divorce is justified.

Note that she states that there should be only a few very defined reasons for divorce, and then proceeds to expand the definition to the point where nearly every wife initiated divorce is justified.

Adultery is expanded to the point where a man watching porn qualifies: in her comment, this is outside her primary justification (porn as adultery) for the wife’s plan to line up husband number two while still married to the first one.

Tottenham Hotspur don’t have a game this weekend but Harry Kane is still a doubt for Tuesday’s match with Swansea, said Mauricio Pochettino, who also insisted that the striker “doesn’t have a price”.

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