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After that, the player must ask Otto about making pyre ships, and then will be granted access to the dungeon in order to fulfil the objectives required to make them.

The cavern can only be accessed after the player has completed the first part of Barbarian Firemaking, requiring level 35 Firemaking.

This will require a total of 8 regular planks and 16 nails of any kind.

Each bridge must be repaired from a different side, meaning you must fix it from the Mos le'Harmless side as well as the fairy ring island side if it is your first time using the shortcut).

However, this is compensated by their comparatively low amount of life points.

Cave horrors are generally known for dropping the Black Mask (10).

Another way of getting there is by using the charter ship.

The Ancient Cavern is an area reached from the whirlpool near Otto Godblessed's house.

This is especially useful for bringing a clan avatar for the 6% experience boost. Instead, they may leave by riding on one of two aged logs that can be found near the waterfiends, or by teleporting out.

The logs are floating on the water, as shown on the map, and have examine text of "A log jammed by the current, perhaps rideable." The Ancient Cavern is "far too damp" to use a Dwarf multicannon.

Upon entering the cavern, the player appears on a small platform with stairs to the lower level and can see a mithril dragon off in the distance in another part of the upper level.

No creatures on the lower level are visible until the player descends the stairs, so the platform cannot be used for making ranged or magic attacks.

Time between attacks can be either 2.4 seconds or 3.0 seconds.