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Another way of getting there is by using the charter ship.The Ancient Cavern is an area reached from the whirlpool near Otto Godblessed's house.

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The witchwood icon is not necessary when engaging in long range combat from a safe spot, so neck wear with better combat modifiers can be worn instead.After it is restored, players can use it to quickly teleport in and out of the cave.A follower cannot be taken into the Ancient Cavern by the whirlpool, but instead, one can use the fairy ring to do so.Time between attacks can be either 2.4 seconds or 3.0 seconds.This makes it somewhat difficult to utilise the prayer flashing tactic effectively.However, this is compensated by their comparatively low amount of life points.

Cave horrors are generally known for dropping the Black Mask (10).

The good thing about this cave is that there is a staircase in the north-eastern end, on the surface there is Edible seaweed that can heal 200 life points.

If utilised correctly, you can stay here for quite a long time, farming clue scrolls or black masks. Players need a light source (such as Seer's headband 4 or a bullseye lantern) to operate in the cave.

To enter the dungeon, the player must jump into the whirlpool off the jetty on the northern shore of the Baxtorian Falls lake.

Players cannot jump into the whirlpool with a Summoning familiar.

This is especially useful for bringing a clan avatar for the 6% experience boost. Instead, they may leave by riding on one of two aged logs that can be found near the waterfiends, or by teleporting out.

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