Dating a dallas arbiter fuzz face

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Dating a dallas arbiter fuzz face - dave baez dating

The Fuzz Face has been played by almost every famous guitar player that has ever lived, and this trend will most likely continue for a very long time to come.

The Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face has been around since 1966, and it shows no signs of dying any time soon.

All the other transistors that were used have the more standard C-B-E pinout, so if you run across a Fuzz Face with something other than the BC183L, the base and collector leads will be twisted around to work properly.

Here's a schematic of the last of the original Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Faces, the NPN Silicon: In recent years there has been a huge resurgence of interest in the original Arbiter Fuzz Faces, probably fueled by the very mediocre sounding Dunlop Fuzz Faces.

I personally do not think that wiring up PNP transistors (Silicon or Germanium) as negative ground is one of the best ideas. Keen (GEOFEX): While in theory, the negative ground conversion for FF and other PNP circuits ought to work every time, there are a significant number of times where it causes oscillation, motorboating, etc.

The PNP transistors are simply not meant to function with a negative ground and osciallation and "motorboating" sounds are common results of wiring a Fuzz Face with PNP transistors as such. Sometimes you can clean this up by putting a big freaking capacitor across the power leads, sometimes you also need a low-impedance 0.1F ceramic, too, and sometimes you need divine intervention.

It's been noted many times over that if they get too hot...they'll stop working.

It was also much easier to produce more consistent sounds from unit to unit with the Silicon versions (whether those "sounds" were good or not was left for the purchaser of pedal to decide).However, all the reissue circuits aren't the same from unit to unit...there are quite a few variations in the circuit...mostly with the two collector resistors on the two AC128 Germanium transistors and the output capacitor.Below the circuit board picture you'll see the schematics of two different variations of the reissue circuit..there are more!A while back I ordered some BC108 and BC109C from Futurlec, but I don't recommend them as a supplier because of their painfully slow shipping.The circuit board below has BC183L transistors, which have the B-C-E pinout.There are four resistors, three capacitors, two potentiometers, and two transistors...that's it.

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