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On the other hand if the mic was too far away the sound was often ruined by the pickup of unwanted surrounding noise.

Anyone who has ever operated a theatre follow spot will appreciate just how ludicrous that must have been! You could also buy it with a dull matt paint finish,(non-reflective under lighting), but why do that when the chrome version just looks so rock’n’roll cool !

Ever since the advent of the ‘Talkies’ sound technicians have struggled to pick up speech in motion pictures with sufficient clarity.

For many years the problem of getting the microphone close enough to the performers without it being in the camera shot was a constant challenge!

This is borne out by the frequency graph, which shows a smooth response from 50 Hz to 10 k Hz. The Controlled Reluctance microphone (aka Controlled Magnetic) was developed by Shure during World War 2 to fulfil the need for a battle announce microphone that could operate reliably at extremes of temperature and humidity. ) Although the Controlled Reluctance design was in some respects similar to a conventional dynamic in other ways it was significantly different. wrote: Response By Email (Michael P) (05/03/2017 AM) Controlled reluctance is a variation of a dynamic mic.

There is a presence lift of 5db at around 4.8 k Hz which lends clarity and crispness, particularly to speech and vocals. The controlled reluctance mic diaphragm connects to a small lever made from ferrous material.

They are therefore cheaper to manufacture than a conventional dynamic.

After WW2 Shure introduced several models for the civilian market, including the famous Green Bullet (still popular with harmonica players to this day).

It is therefore not hard to see why these sturdy, affordable mics soon found favour with musicians and singers.

Apart from being highly profitable, Shure’s military communications contracts had the additional spin-off of enhancing a lasting reputation for reliability.

The grill design featured in the technical leaflet above was used on the earlier models. As the ferrous lever is moved by the mic diaphragm, the lever disturbs the magnet field.

If you buy a Mélodium 75A it is worth noting that it has very low impedance (10 ohms) and will require the services of an appropriate preamp. This induces an AC signal (the audio signal) in the coil of wire.

Indeed, the company have often boasted that all of their products are tested to military standards (MILSPEC).