Dating antique coffers

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Dating antique coffers

At about the same time, machinery that did simulate the handmade dovetail was perfected, and by 1900, the Knapp joint had almost completely disappeared from the American furniture scene.So now you know that a piece of antique furniture with those odd little drawer joints was made between 1871 and around 1905 without a doubt.

While not all the great factories used the Knapp machine, particularly those of Grand Rapids, Mich., most of the Eastern factories and other mid-Western areas were faithful customers of the Knapp company.

Each cock beaded drawers furnished with original rococo moulded brass swan neck handles and escutche0n plates and original dovetailed drawer lining all in perfect order. Measures 25 inches wide x 30 inches high x 18 inches deep. Beautifully proportioned early 18th Century Queen walnut chest of drawers with crossbanded veneered top supported by cornice framed below by relief cock beaded divides.

Most wonderful walnut veneers mellowed to a soft honey shade and beautifully patinated finish. Nicely proportioned and rare small sized Georgian mahogany chest of four drawers with brushing slide. Feather banded drawers furnished with original locks and brass drop handles.

Cornice top over bank of three over long graduated drawers with very attractive book matched figured walnut and furnished with brass plate handles.

Solid oak carcass and drawer linings and standing on shaped bracket feet. Nicely proportioned early 18th chest of drawers with cross grain moulded cornice over two plus three drawers furnished with shaped brass plate drop handles.

And knowing that, you also get some very valuable information about the age of the piece on which you saw the joint. Knapp patented his first joint-making machine in 1867.

In 1870, he sold the rights to an improved version of the patented machine to a group of investors who formed the Knapp Dovetailing Co. The investors proceeded to make further refinements in the machine and actually put it into production in a factory in 1871 where it proved to be a technological miracle.

That sentiment was the beginning of the Colonial Revival—the resurrection of things in style during the era of the founding of our country.

And a round, technical-looking, obviously machine-made drawer joint just did not fit that image.

Several inventors were hard at work on the problem in the 1860s, and most concentrated on trying to duplicate the handmade dovetail using a machine—that is until Mr. Knapp of Waterloo, Wis., applied himself to the task.

He did some creative thinking and solved the problem not by duplicating the dovetail joint but by inventing another type of joint entirely that was at least as good as the dovetail and could be made by machinery.

Very useful and decorative feature piece ready for FREE delivery nationwide. Absolutely stunning example of mid 18th Century walnut chest on chest dating from George II period.

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