Dating burny guitars

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The VH-1 pickups from 1987 onward are approximately 8.2 kΩ DC resistance, have ceramic magnets, and are not wax potted.

Andy Latimer of Camel also uses a flame top Burny Super Grade as his main Les Paul-style guitar.

Named after the founding father of Gibson guitars, Orville H.

Gibson, these fully-authorized Japanese guitars came into existence through partnershipsbetween Gibson USA and various Japanese manufacturers and dealers (such as Aria, Matsumoku and Yamano Music) that extend back into the 1970s.

K stands for Kuramae, Yamano's wholesales division.

No letter beginning the serial number = Fuji Gen Factory-built.*Y = Production Year*M = Production Month*P = Production Number In 1998, Gibson and Yamano Gakki decided to end the production of the Orville models to focus on the expanded production of the Epiphone line, which wasdesigned both for the Japan domestic market as well as exported models destined for far-off lands.

While somewhat confusing, you can determine where your Orville or Orville by Gibson guitar was made, the year it was made, and even the month it was made,by looking at the back of the headstock.

There were 5 different methods used to date Orville and Orville by Gibson guitars and two factories involved withbuilding them, so I've developed the simple chart below to assist you...*F = Factory: G, J & K beginning the serial numbers denote that is was made by the Terada factory: the "G" ink stamp means the guitar should have Gibson USA pickups, and "J" for Japanese pickups.The FLG-240, FLG-150, FLG-90 Les Paul models and the FSA-80 Semi Acoustic model were made by Terada from 1980 to 1981.The RLG-150, RLG-120, and RLG-90 models were made by Matsumoku from 1982 to 1986.Some Burny guitars from the 70s and 80s had a tenon-and-dowel neck joint similar to what was used on some Greco guitars.Some Burny guitars from the 1980s had a Matsumoku bolt tenon that was also used on many Matsumoku-made Aria guitars.It wasn't until 1986 when Yamano Gakki took over the distribution of Gibson (and Korean-made Epiphone) guitars in Japan, and later in 1988, decidedto expand their lineup of guitar models, that things really got rolling for the Orville and Orville by Gibson brands.

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