Dating for blind people

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I looked her dead in the eyes and calmly said, ‘I didn’t want to interrupt such an important phone call,’ and then walked into my room and went to bed.” “I got set up with the daughter of one of my parents’ friends.They showed me pictures and said nice things about her. I excused myself to the bathroom, but the damage was too great.

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I saw him six months later at Summer in the City, a week long summer camp run by the same program that did Taste of College. If he was ever nervous about crossing the busy streets of Chicago or getting on the train, I never knew.

She gets off the phone, doesn’t apologize and we get seated.

About two minutes later her phone rings again and it is the same ‘OMG, no way! The waitress comes over and we order drinks while she is still on the phone and I twiddle my thumbs. I’m half done with my drink and have waved the waitress off once already because Lisa is still on the phone.

Her excuse was that she had a crazy ex that was stalking her, so she used her sister’s photo and name. I figured it must of been important but as we walked in and waited for the table she kept talking about stupid crap clearly on the phone with a BFF about nonsense.

I told her I wasn’t feeling well and that I was just going to get my food in a box to go and I’d eat it later if I felt better. ’ You would think this person hadn’t eaten in a week, as she proceeded to devour my dinner as well. Now she’s calling me a liar in the parking lot of the bar I frequent, and my work buddies are starting to roll in. I said to hell with this crap, got in my car, and drove the hell home.” “I’ve been on two blind dates.

I’m sometimes asked if I would prefer to date a sighted person or a blind person, or how blindness affects going on dates.

It does affect it, but the relationships I’ve had are more affected by who the person is rather than whether they’re sighted or blind. I’ve experienced both, and I’ve learned something from each.

So trying to change the subject, I mention the frat that he was in (we both went to the same university) and that I knew some of the guys. At this point, I’m more than over the date and ready for him to get out of my apartment – so I go to the restroom and plan on feigning illness upon my return.

He then proceeds to tell me that, yeah all his friends were just vehicles for him to get ahead in life and that he didn’t really like any of them. I return from the bathroom only to find him on my couch, masturbating furiously.

Our friendship strengthened and we became the best of friends.

We’d been best friends for a few years before getting into a relationship, which was fine with me.

I met today’s guest blogger Alicia Krage years ago when she and her mom attended a presentation I gave at a blind and low-vision fair here in Illinois.

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