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The year 2017 is one of those years when Jupiter is in Virgo.I’ve seen this happen four times before: 1969, 1981, 1993, and 2005.

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Some argue that the length of time Jupiter is spending in Virgo or in Virgo’s womb this year is equal to the human gestation period, which supposedly further enforces the supposed fulfillment of prophecy.

Ptolemy also catalogued an additional eight stars that were near Leo but not part of the constellation itself (one star was fourth magnitude, four were fifth magnitude, and three were too faint to assign a magnitude).

If one creates a depiction of Leo with stars third magnitude and brighter according to Ptolemy, then Leo has ten stars.

Many websites are promoting the idea that Jupiter represents the child about to be born in the sign of Revelation 12:1–2.

There are several arguments bolstered to support this claim.

The problem is that the Stellarium software used by people promoting this thesis connects nine stars to form the pattern of Leo.

However, Stellarium plots other stars in Leo, though they aren’t connected to the nine outlining Leo.However, just a little bit of knowledge of the history and practice of depicting constellations ought to reveal no basis for this claim.Again, I am amazed at the number of people willing to debate this point.The claim is that Leo has nine stars, but that the addition of three naked-eye planets this year, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, brings the total to twelve stars, thus conforming to the crown with 12 stars on the woman’s head.Leo is a considerable distance from Virgo (about 15 degrees).To fit the description of the sign, the crown would have to be atop the mother-of-all-beehive hairdos on Virgo’s head, but that’s a minor point.

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