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Dating rory mcilroy - argon argon dating limitations

In terms of entertainment, the reception was rumoured to have received star performances from Stevie Wonder and Coldplay.

VIRGINIA WATER, England -- Only a few days after sending out wedding invitations, golfer Rory Mc Ilroy broke off his engagement to Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki on Wednesday.Contrary to media reports at the time, the wedding of Rory Mc Ilory to Erica Stoll in Cong, Co Mayo actually took place on Friday 21 April, rather than the Saturday of that weekend.The pair had kept all the details of their wedding at Ashford Castle in Co Mayo a secret and clearly it worked until an Irish Mail on Sunday reporter saw a copy of the marriage certificate.Padraig Harrington and his wife Caroline, Niall Horan also made the list.The former One Direction singer joined Mc Ilroy on his stag weekend recently in Miami Beach in Florida.News: 'It was very hard because he made it very public from the start.

He put out a press release so I didn’t have a choice, you know, it just got put in my face.

A number of celebrities were in attendance for the wedding, including Niall Horan of boyband One Direction.

Fellow golfers and friends Sergio Garcia, Darren Clarke, Martin Kaymer and Pardraig Harrington were also guests.

"We met when she was working for the PGA of America, and renting a condo in Palm Beach, and I found it refreshing being with someone who was living a normal life rather than, 'Oh! '" He continued to reference his relationship with Wozkiacki -- particularly how he thought the fact they were both crushing their sports at the time would bring them closer together. "I thought at the time that being with someone that was in a similar position to you was the obvious answer.

But it isn't, because you can never get away from it.

'I came back from that and I felt refreshed, I felt like a new self.

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