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She was greatly upset by the criticism and did not return to Brazil again for fourteen years.

By 1946 she was Hollywood‘s highest-paid entertainer and top female tax payer in the United States,[3] earning more than 0,000 that year, according to IRS records.

Against her family’s wishes, she married in March 17, 1947 to failed American movie producer David Sebastian.

He soon declared himself to be her “manager” and was responsible for many bad business deals.

Carmen had previously sung at parties and festivals in Rio.

Her older sister Olinda contracted tuberculosis and was sent to Portugal for treatment.

A heavy drinker, he got Miranda into drinking as well and is accused of eventually being her downfall.

In 1948 she became pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage after a show.In the 1936 movie Alô Alô Carnaval, she performed the famous song Cantoras do Rádio with her sister Aurora, for the first time.[3]Miranda signed a movie contract with Hollywood and arrived in the United States in [3] with her band, the Bando da Lua.Carmen grew to fame in the country quickly, having formally been presented to President Franklin D.Her mother followed in 1910, together with her daughters Olinda and Maria do Carmo.Maria do Carmo never returned to Portugal, but retained her Portuguese nationality.The marriage lasted only a few months, but Carmen, who was Catholic, would not accep t getting a divorce.