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C in any reservoir of the carbon cycle owing to anthropogenic activities.To explain this generalized Suess Effect a four reservoir global model of the natural carbon cycle is developed in which isotopic fractionation and radioactive decay are fully taken into account.

As found in previous work, the predicted atmospheric Suess Effect for is of similar magnitude whether the land biosphere has been a net source or sink of carbon during recent times.Hace un tiempo mi marido se cayo de la bicicleta debido a los baches de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Esa es otra denuncia) y le dolía terriblemente el costado izquierdo de las costillas.Fuimos entonces a Osecac Lacroze y nos atendió una doctora que sin levantar la vista de los papeles que estaba leyendo le pregunto: Que le pasa?The sensitivity of the predicted Suess Effects to uncertainties in the assigned values of the model parameters is investigated in detail, including estimates of some of the effects of linearizing the governing equations.The approximation of Stuiver, in which the atmospheric Suess Effect is assumed to be 0.018 times the corresponding effect for C, is examined in detail and shown to arise when both isotopic fractionation and radioactive decay are left out of the model.In so far as possible, the model is expressed without approximation of the isotopic processes even though this leads to non-linear differential equations to describe the rates of change of rare isotopic carbon within carbon reservoirs.

Linear approximations also developed and solved using the method of Laplace transforms.

Los médicos no se dan cuenta que uno pone la vida en sus manos y si se dan cuenta, no les importa??

No iba a hacer nada al respecto, ya que me dije, cambio de obra social y se van todos a la..., pero mi marido me dijo que seria un pensamiento individualista y no social, que sucederá entonces con la gente que no tiene voz, o que ya murió por la negligencia de los médicos y operadores de osecac.

Although the emphasis is on formulating models rather than surveying and interpreting data, observational data are summarized and compared with model predictions.

The oceanic data are seen to be too meager as yet to help settle the question of biospheric response to man's activities.

Al día siguiente llame a un medico de osecac mas bien por prevención que por otra cosa. Vino un medico ucraniano creo, ya que prácticamente no hablaba español, le muestro las ampollas que tenia en el pecho y me dice: Herpes??? A los dos días tuve que ir al instituto del quemado, ya que lo de la mano, era una quemadura de tercer grado.

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