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Then comes high GDP, free university education, progressive attitudes to gay rights and a “world class” work-life balance which means presenteeism is regarded not as a creditable sign of commitment but a corollary of inefficiency and poor time management.

“The Danish have a deep contentment with themselves and with their lives, which creates a solidarity and makes people more trusting of one another and less stressed.” Russell, 34, knows whereof she writes.

She accompanied her husband to the remote region of Jutland when he relocated from London to work for Lego back in 2013.

In The Year of Living Danishly, Russell reports on the phenomenon of the infelicitously-nicknamed “Disney sex”.

“Every Friday, Danish children countrywide sit down to an hour of Disney cartoons at 7pm, and a lot of parents use this time to 'cultivate each other,’” says Russell.

Our high streets have also started welcoming Danish homeware-cum-toystore Tiger with open arms; its combination of great design and low prices saw it do a roaring trade this Christmas.

But perhaps we might all benefit if we didn’t just purchase their products, but bought into the Danish lifestyle, based as it is on a work-life balance par excellence.

In the Danish capital, Noma has been voted the Best Restaurant in the World four times, most recently in 2014. For adult Scandi style-seekers, H&M’s more sophisticated spinoffs Cos and &Other Stories have very much upped the fashion ante.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Scandinavian eateries have opened up from Cheltenham to Macclesfield, London to Edinburgh. Vikings, we have learned, don’t just pillage and plunder; they also have great minimalist interiors and trend-setting beards and criminally good detective series.

“Happiness in Denmark is seen as a process rather than a permanent state; something that you actively work at every day by making the most of the little things, indulging in pleasure – whether that’s a delicious pastry or sex – working less and being with your family more.” While sex and pastry seems more like a rare Bank Holiday treat than an actual lifestyle, it is true that in recent years Britain has become uncharacteristically smitten by all things Scandinavian.

Just as we used to get dewy-eyed about Provençal olive groves and fantasise about refurbishing a pigeonniere in the Dordogne, now we wish we could affjord [SIC] a house in Helsinki or a cool crashpad in Copenhagen.

“Denmark is a small country and I think it’s easier to please everyone when there are fewer of you,” opines Kristian Borring, a Danish jazz guitarist based in London.