Error validating the formula for column sql server

19-Jan-2018 08:59 by 9 Comments

Error validating the formula for column sql server

Net to apply to the control where you want to format the value.

If you give a more detailed example of what you are trying to accomplish then I can get more precise.

I know SQL doesn't have a date-only or time-only datatype, but you can put it in different formats by setiing the column format, can't you?

It doesn't have to be in mm/dd/yyyy - I know you can change it in the code, I was just looking for an automatic switch from mm/dd/yyyy to yyyy/mm/dd and thought I could use column format.

To ensure the quality of my SQL Server data, I want to do Excel file data validation of the data in these files per business requirements before I even start to process them. To validate data, we can rely on Regular Expression for Excel files.

One common way to process Excel files is to use the COM Interop interface.

If you want to display it in different formats then you can use the Convert function SELECT Convert(varchar, TDate, 101) --for mm/dd/yyyy Convert(varchar, TDate, 111) --for yy/mm/dd Check out Convert in BOL for different formats You're still confusing storage value and format.

I'm sure that in C# you can create a custom format just like you can in VB.

I need one to be the date in yyyy/mm/dd format and one to be mm/dd/yyyy hh/mm format.

I've tried putting in the above (I know that minutes are nn) "yyyy/mm/dd" & "mm/dd/yyyy hh/nn" respectively but it gives the error "Error validating the formula for column 'TDate'".

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In Power Shell, that code is like the following: However, this approach requires that the Excel application be installed.

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