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I mean, really, does anyone genuinely want to see that? Peter Scully is an Australian born white fella who moved to the Philippines in 2011.

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A couple of weeks back I wrote a piece about the dark web (read our ultimate guide HERE).At some point in time, Scully asked his girlfriend (a 17-year-old, ex-prostitute) to get him a couple of young girls (one aged 9, one aged 12). According to Scully’s GF, nothing untoward happened for the first couple of days, but then on the second day she returned to the flat to find the girls were both wearing dog collars.This appears to have been the start of something nothing short of horrific.But, I couldn’t find video clips, stills or screen shots anywhere.Each time I stepped down a blind alley, I breathed a miniature sigh of relief.It’s strange how the internet to exaggerate how bad something is.

The rape and murder of a child on camera is as dark as I need, thanks.Nothing but hints and rumours of sickos and sadists; in the end, I came out without having seen anything too twisted at all, certainly nothing that you can’t find on the regular web.To be honest, I was quite relieved that I hadn’t had to put myself through the trauma of signing into a red room to watch someone murdered for cash.“Daisy’s Destruction” and “Dafu Love” have both been named in chat rooms across the globe.Of course, I had to search for the titles, it’s my job.Some believe that this odd human desire to be repulsed might be based in our evolutionary history.