Fob dating abcd

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Fob dating abcd

My mom asks if I’m looking at the “profiles” of eligible bachelors online. But with all this independence and progressive growth, many South Asian women are also expected to embody traditional family values too.Or when I’m going to learn how to cook a proper dosa and chutney. degree and conservative religious ideals (which is great – if you’re that kind of guy, you should have girls lining up outside your doorstep, biodata in hand). I can swing internet marketing and consumer buying patterns, but somehow I can’t quite work my brain around the rules and expectations when it comes to Desi dating. She’s expected to cook daal and serve ginger chai, be a humble wife (not to mention a humble daughter-in-law), and behave the way our mothers and aunties behaved in the motherland. Take this scenario: A Desi friend of mine (we’ll call her Anita) was dating a White man (we’ll call him Greg) in college.

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So, try serving up the American values of independence, religious freedom, and women’s empowerment with the Desi values of tradition and family loyalty, and you’re bound to get an interesting taste.

(You may also recognize the gal pal from Timberlake’s Senorita music video.) All of Tarun’s addictive mini-movies are far more polished than the typical You Tube video, but the thing that struck me about this episode in particular were the rules they had for Dating while Desi.

We all know the “Dating Rules” — Wait three days before calling back, never talk politics or religion on a first date, and never say yes to a guy that asks you out the day of.

Do your parents give out your numbers to guys that call and don’t leave messages – from obscure area codes? Where do you find desi guys that haven’t gone back to South Asia to get their bride already?

” These questions (and more) are indicative to the plight of the single, 25 yr.

That whole time, Anita’s family never knew a thing about Greg, and if they ever found out, Anita would be in deep you-know-what.

After sleepless nights of heartfelt reflection, Anita decided that she couldn’t disappoint and distance herself from her family by introducing Greg., independent-thinking desi girl and is why I love to find solidarity with my single desi sisters – whether over chai, or virtually by reading my favorite desi gal bloggers ( Rupa, The Bar Maid, Chick Pea, brimful, SP, to name a few).Saturday night while I was surfing on You Tube alone in the North Dakota bunker, I came across this episode of Desi OC – after watching the video I thought to myself, The Desi OC episode above comes out of production company Raising Desi, and one of the film maker is Los Angeles comedian Tarun Shetty.After all, our parents paved the way for us by immigrating so we could have all the opportunities they didn’t have back home.I’m in graduate school and working on advancing my business career. It’s as though having the best of both worlds is all the rage. And one of the most evident contradictions I’m facing recently confuses me probably more than it should.