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Having sweated through eight intense, one-on-one interviews the previous day, they have been selected for The Next 36, a program designed to forge Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

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Along the way, they will create jobs not just for themselves but for others, too. And, in fact, researchers at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that among all new enterprises that survived after three years, the highest employment growth was in companies started by people under 30. The 300 attendees then join a team to develop one of those 20 ideas.

Also don’t forge to become a member of Canada and get access to many more startup tools and helpful resources that can make your startup launch in no time.

David Loretta is a Senior Business Consultant at Canada Startups and an avid fan of camping in the Great Canadian Outdoors.

Email him your questions about starting up or expanding your business.

In a world where young job-seekers feel powerless, a growing number are taking matters into their own hands, and handhelds. They are software developers, designers, marketers and, yes, commerce grads. The prize is ,000 worth of free services — a marketing video, legal advice, office space and mentoring. She tells me it is a place to spot talent, what organizers call “co-founder dating.” Working under pressure of a tight deadline you quickly find out who you can work with.

The best we can do on the first two is give you some reading materials, and recommend the help from Canada but for the tools and resources portion we’ve got you covered.

Below we present to you 100 of the top small business startup tools and resources we believe can help you start your small business.People who have failed here six times may as well have a big red balloon on them saying that they should never do anything.“The Next 36 is all about finding high-potential students who are used to succeeding and showing them failure, with the hopes that they’ll learn from it and be stronger.”After graduating from Mc Gill University in 1991, Satchu landed a job on Wall Street.He recalls “being surrounded by all these kids from Harvard, Stanford and Yale and being completely intimidated, thinking these kids must be so much smarter.From December to April, the 36 juggle their university studies while working long distance on their businesses.In May, they take up residence at Innis College at the University of Toronto, forgoing a summer job.Launched in 2007, Startup Weekends have attracted 56,000 attendees in over 300 cities worldwide. However, Eben sees the weekends’ primary purpose as offering the curious a chance “to dip their toe in” entrepreneurship.

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