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But these so-called interviews quickly take a turn for the worse, with one 14-year-old revealing how she and a friend were asked to do 'slutty poses' in bikinis, while another girl, 16, was blackmailed into taking her clothes off.'During the Skype interview he asked me to show my body in lingerie, as it was a photo shoot for swimsuit,' she recalls.

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As Lansky teased on Twitter back in October ’17, “@blackedraw is all I can say now.” Similarly, for the sake of brevity – and to give you a chance to digest the massive dose of beautifully-shot pornography detailed above – we’ll save Lansky’s interracial efforts for next week’s blog. FAN ALERT Catch the official trailer for #BLACKEDRAW! He said that he will send all pics and video to all my friends and he could find my workplace and send pictures there too.Then he threatened to register me on a pornographic website as a 'cam girl' with all my contacts'He wrote me saying he was a scout of the Italian model agency Urban Management,' Julia recalled.I am asking you this because we need a good quality photos like yours. Please let me know if you are interested in my offer, because for now I am very interested in working with you.Moreover, it is a great possibility to earn more than a 00.Greg Lansky, your time under the Pink-O-Scope starts now!

So far this year, Lansky’s Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen sites have already delivered a barrage of stunning sexual encounters.

You stay anonymous and your Skype name is never revealed until you accept request from other members.

When an adult director wins the much-coveted AVN Award for Director of the Year – Body of Work three years running, the only person in history to do so, that director deserves a little pat on the back from a trusted chronicler of porno tos-and-fros like yours truly!

Anyone keeping tabs on the least-known Lansky endeavor, Baeb (formerly known as Baebz), should note that nothing new has been added there since Abigail Mac stopped by last November, but there’s likely a very good reason for that.

Blacked, arguably Lansky’s most controversial (or at least ballyhooed by fanboys) site, has doled out some serious size queens already.

Your appereance might fit to us for the next swimsuit catalog shooting.