Imap folders updating cached headers

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Imap folders updating cached headers - dating filmmakers

I now use pm-utils instead, and have this in /etc/pm/sleep.d/09_wl_fix:for now it’s doing the trick!

If you for instance only want a basic set of headers like From:, To:, Cc:, Subject: and Date: to be displayed you could set these variables as followed: in the above lists, so that you can see if there’s an attachment in the message.

Set , to have it autocomplete also on folder petname when doing refiling, for instance.

It might be that you’ve hit the default limit of messages in a multifolder that WL will handle properly.

By default wanderlust is designed to use Namazu, but you can easily replace it with mu search.

Once you have mu setup you can integrate it into wanderlust with the following in either your or : Release 2.14 was created before emacs23 was released.

If I get an attachment, I only want to extract it anyway by ‘e’ so it’s no loss to me. You probably want to say ‘update’ (the default), which will query the server for what has changed since last time; if you want to re-check everything, say ‘all’.

Provided you sent folder has the word “Sent” somewhere use: With recent Wanderlust and Emacs versions, this will happen automatically, and use w3m if it’s available, shr otherwise.It is possible to force Wanderlust to re-sync and work out whether there are new messages by specifying a list of folder names in ) on any entity that you wish to prefetch all messages of. Especially if you tend to run online most of the time, you may want to purge it periodically, which can be done by either doing “M-x elmo-cache-expire-by-size” or putting something similar in .wl: Integration with offlineimap is simple and easy since wanderlust understands the Mail Dir format.Even when using IMAP, wl caches the messages (by default it caches the message being read, and the following one), and stores them in elmo-cache-directory i.e. Storing emails locally improves the speed of reading messages significantly even compared to using Wanderlusts native facility for caching messages. Using the Mail Dir format also has the advantage of being able to use native text-based search for all messages.Org is shipped with Emacs since 22.1 (iirc); you might also profit of the minor modes orgstruc-mode, orgstruc -mode and orgtbl-mode for editing messages even if you don’t want to send html messages: these minor modes give the power of Org’s outlining features (headlines, bullet lists) and the table editor.For information on these minor modes see here and here.I set up mutt, and it downloads and sends my mail just fine, but I can't access my drafts, trash, sent folder, etc using the keyboard shortcuts.