Internet dating impact society

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Internet dating impact society

This is the case because of its effects global communication, education, marketing and the ability to access information about other cultures.tderejgfkelwhlyf The internet started as a privately used means of communication technology. In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web for public information sharing.

Cultures have also advanced economically because the internet allows for marketing and sales transactions.

A person of one culture may like the way another culture does something and then start to do that something themselves.

This can spread throughout the culture and soon the two cultures will contain fewer differences. In the United States, we have Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, and Thai restaurants.

Another benefit to using the internet for cultural information is that one can learn about the beliefs of that culture before experiencing it if he/she is interested in going there.

An example is learning what that culture finds offensive so that he/she does not make the mistake of acting or speaking in a way that offends the people of that culture.

This means that the uniqueness of each culture is being reduced and cultures are becoming more similar to one another.

As this concept continues, we are coming closer to forming a new, global culture.

[Imagining the Internet] According to the Internet Society the internet is like a creature and it will continue to grow and change.

It will introduce new applications like the internet telephone and internet television.

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If this continues to occur, we will lose sight of many traditional cultures and customs within those cultures.

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