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We're then introduced to our dynamic duo, Rell, a man-child lacking direction in his life who has recently lost his girlfriend, and Clarence, the straight arrow of the two who is happily married, but is so caught up in trying to please everyone else, he never takes time for himself.Once Keanu enters the picture, the two find themselves spiraling downward into a world of gang warfare, crime, and mistaken identity, all in pursuit of retrieving the adorable little Keanu.

What helps is that the film never really feels forced.Bigg Snoop Dogg takes you into is his Snoopadelic world in this creative animated film.Ride with him as he rolls through the streets of Long Beach in Los Angeles and is joined by B Real (Legendary Rap group Cypress Hill), The Game, Kurupt and others, as they show you the life a rap star that? The film futures music by Hip Hop most successful artists, giving you hip, edgy and very entertaining storylines to the songs that are the soundtrack to their lives.The team is struggling with a mediocre record when, in mid-season, "Wild Bill" ...See full summary » Eddie Griffin is Miles Waise, a fast rising nightclub comedian.As Carl Black gets the opportunity to move his family out of Chicago in hope of a better life, their arrival in Beverly Hills is timed with that city's annual purge, where all crime is legal for twelve hours.

Come to a new House Party, where Kid, after a lifetime 'playing the field', falls in love and is about to get married.Our heroes never feel too unnatural in their actions, though it is slightly mystifying that they are continuously believed to be tougher than they actually are.The action is well done too, with it feeling like it wouldn't be out of place in an action movie.Not a perfect comedy, but a very funny one and shows that the two have promise for a future in the cinema world.It's my hope that Keanu is just the beginning for these two.As stated above, not every joke works, with several falling flat or getting little more than a chuckle, but more often than not the movie knows when to end a joke or just what to do to surprise or make the audience laugh.

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