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After spending more time talking to her I realize that she had actually taken care of a lot of the hard things its comes to when training someone.Things such as hormonal imbalances, changing lifestyle habits, ridding the notion that the number on the scale is a reflection of her health and fitness, etc…

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With the stubborn muscles what we did do that made a WORLD of difference was to incorporate paused and tempo work with her glutes to keep them under tension longer.Background One year ago Brandi Laughlin walked in our doors and wanted to essentially compete bikini competition within one year’s time.She had already lost about 60 pounds on her own through making better eating choices, running for the past five years, and had just really started getting into lifting weights; but she even testified that she wasn’t quite sure if she was doing everything correctly.The level of awareness and mindset from a person that just has the experience of dieting and working out just makes the process so much easier; not only for the body but the MIND because for anyone that has ever dieted down to VERY lean levels probably understands that somedays are just mindf–ks.Brandi had spent more years as a runner than as a lifter so her body is making a transition.Some days she was just flat out exhausted from “life” and just didn’t have an appetite nor the mental energy to even workout.

If anyone has ever been through any emotionally taxing life endeavors then they know that developing and keeping a new routine during those times can tire even the best of us.Phase 1: Acclimation – The acclimation phase was all about just teaching her how to move properly, correcting any movement imbalances, activating muscles and showing her how to properly engage muscles that may not have been worked from years of running or previous lifestyle. Nothing EVER goes smoothly in life and there is always going to be challenges with training as well, but that doesn’t mean we ever stopped and said “F..In this phase her program was just total body movement three to four times a week with some HIIT at the end of each session. this”, we just map out a plan and kept trucking forward.– This is the hardest thing to change even for the most wanting and willing of people and with her life taking a turn this year to say her plate was quite full is an understatement.She had to start over multiple times creating a new eating habit and routines due to HER lifestyle changing.Those make a trainers job a lot easier since we have to spend quite a bit of our time coaching, not just the education process that goes with exercising and diet, but coaching a person to transition to healthier habits that lead to their end goal.