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I do think that Woodford has made a couple of big mistakes this year, with Provident Financial being only the most recent.Perhaps he relies too much on the figures provided by the companies he invests in and needs to get a bit closer to the action?

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CM If you are wondering about selling, you are not alone.

See here for his assessment of the situation: https://woodfordfunds.com/words/blog/update-on-provident-financial/?

utm_source=insight-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=monthly-update Sold all today at a reasonable profit having held most since the establishment of the fund.

One of the largest holdings in this fund was Provident Financial which fell 77% the previous day after an appalling market update.

This was bound to knock this fund very badly (and his former fund Invesco Perpetual High Income as well).

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Hi folks, My post of 8 July looks a bit suspect now.

Woodford still has confidence in Provident Financial and reckons it was heavily oversold.

The company has risen and 50% from its Tuesday close and 106% from its lowest point on Tuesday and, although this is is still a huge way behind what it was, it indicates he may be correct.

Back in May Provident financial share were at 2917p, now at just over 1000p, so that accounts for the shrinkage from 5.5% to 2%. I will leave you all to him, good luck His performance has been garbage... I'll give him another year and hope for outperformance when his chosen sectors become vogue.