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Male dating ge

Other important towns include the bauxite mining centers of Fria and Kamsar. This mountainous region has cool temperatures, allowing for the cultivation of potatoes.The Niger, Senegal, and Gambia rivers originate in the Futa Jallon.

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Siguiri and Kankan are the major cities, and there are many smaller agricultural settlements in the countryside.Many other streams and waterfalls run through this area's rocky escarpments and narrow valleys.The Fulbe ethnic group, also referred to as Peul, is the major population group.Smaller groups, mostly from the Forest Region, such as the Bassari, Coniagui, Guerze, Kissi, Kono, and Toma, make up the remaining 19 percent.There are about five hundred thousand refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia, although in the year 2000, some started to leave.Smaller ethnic groups include the Jallonke and the Jahanke.

Labé is the largest city, and the town of Timbo was the region's capital in the precolonial era.

Fifteen percent of the country was born while the first president, Touré, ruled from 1958 to 1984; only 12 percent of the population witnessed colonial rule.

Many Senegalese merchants, artisans, and tailors live in the country, and they are joined by foreign nationals from other African countries.

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