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The development of child sexuality is influenced by social and cultural aspects; the perception of developing child sexuality is even more heavily influenced by cultural aspects.

"Normative" may therefore relate to Western culture rather than to the general complexity of human experience.Children are apt to gain access and be influenced by material, despite censorship and content-control software.Boys often lie on their stomachs and girls may sit and rock.Manual stimulation occurs about the time of adolescence and mutual masturbation or other sexual experimentation between adolescents of similar ages may also occur, though cultural or religious coercion may inhibit or occult such activity if there is negative peer pressure or if authority figures are likely to disapprove.Some cultural critics in the Western world have postulated that over recent decades, children have been subject to a premature sexualization, as indicated by a level of sexual knowledge or sexual behavior inappropriate for their age group."Playing doctor" is one example of such childhood exploration; such games are generally considered to be normal in young children.

Child sexuality is considered fundamentally different from adult sexual behavior, which is more goal-driven.

Columban issued penitence tables which prescribed 20 days).

Within the wider Christian traditions, sex of any sort, except for the deliberate purpose of conception, was variously said by clerics to cause blindness, deafness and mental confusion, as well as (in Catholicism) eternal damnation of the sinner's soul if not fully confessed.

Sigmund Freud in his 1905 work Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality outlined a theory of psycho-sexual development with five distinct phases: the oral stage (0–1.5 years), the anal stage (1.5–3.5 years), the phallic stage (3.5–6 years) which culminates in the resolution of the Oedipus complex, latency phase (6–12 years of age), and the genital (or adult) stage.

Alfred Kinsey in the Kinsey Reports (19) included research on the physical sexual response of children, including pre-pubescent children (though the main focus of the reports was adults).

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