Seinfeld dating loophole

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Seinfeld dating loophole

The universe must be well known and mutually known to be known and agreed to exist, in some sense, between speaker and hearer, between the mind as appealing to its own further consideration and the mind as so appealed to, or there can be no communication, or ‘common ground’ at all.

exist quite otherwise than a relation between mere concepts…

Based on Speculative Rhetoric, calling the situation “dating,” implies certain meanings and responsibilities.

The program depends on the ambiguity of cultural conventions and Critical Logic as a source of humor.

Peirce explains that perception of an object is not yet a final interpretation of meaning (CP 4.539).

Meaning is based upon an existing epistemological ground, the knowledge and experience that determine conduct.

A sign in the mind of an interpreter is real, but as we know from experience, sometimes we can be mistaken and that notion may turn out not to be true.

Peirce uses the term “Denotation” to express the “Object of a Sign” and according to his Critical Logic, the object of a sign is true regardless of what anyone or any group believes (1955: 421).

Speculative rhetoric raises ontological issues concerned with describing the conditions of the world of sense perception and the process of ideas growing into other ideas.

The significance of these three semeiotic divisions is that if any of them are mistaken, there is a risk of missing the truth.

My universe is the momentary experience as a whole (CPThe communicative act is the continuous cycle between expression, perception, and interpretation—the signifying capacity, and the continuum between human consciousness and the world of intelligible things.

The frame of reference of this construction is not the ‘real’ other, a presumably existing reality which we only have to reveal, but the immense web of cultural intertextualities which comprises not only our discourse about the others, but also the others’ discourse about their cultural self (pp. Therefore, understanding is based upon a self-referential, socially negotiated process intended to overcome the necessary ambiguity of communication.

As Peirce stated, “The Immediate Object of all knowledge and all thought is, in the last analysis, the Percept.

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