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Look through the profile previews below to find your perfect match. Our site has 100's of members waiting to meet somebody just like you! Plus, it is super politically correct right now to be a feminist and we suspect that many women and men are just placating the movement for publicity, money, or to be a part of something big without asking questions.

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It is comical to see feminist waving their hands while jumping up and down talking about this issue while majoring in feminist studies.Who thinks that if women start spilling blood on battlefields like we saw in WWII and Vietnam that feminist will start talking about anti-war policies because women are getting killed despite the culture that it is heroic to do so?If feminism is for everybody ladies, start working with the U. government to demand that women register otherwise it looks like you are shying away from equality in sectors where it may not be pretty or convenient for women.How is it that leaders in this movement claim that the feminism is for everybody but they consistently get very vocal and demand social policies about issues that affect women when the statistics are not in favor of women but are silent on issues when they are in favor of women and then claim that they are a human rights movement?Reproductive Rights Given any marriage in the United States, if a man and woman decide that they do not want anymore children and the woman later decides she wants another child and has no discussions with her husband on the matter and gets pregnant, as a culture we say oh well and expect the man to support her decision and the child. If they accidentally create children they do not want or are unprepared to take care of the child, they have abortion, adoption, or safe haven placement to escape responsibility.Could you imagine saying to women “Oh well, you know that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, you can’t have an abortion, or you can adopt the child out but you are going to pay child support?

Wage Gap A consistent theme we hear from feminism is that women on average make about 12 cents per hour compared to men and this is proof that we live in a patriarchal society where women are still systemically discriminated against and devalued.

He slowly undresses the baby and enjoy a smooth crotch, sticking a finger in the vagina, and tongue, meanwhile, enters the anal.

Girl is groaning from such caresses and asks faster to get to the point.

According to the American Foundation To Prevent Suicide, the rate of completed suicides in women is 1 in 4 for every male.

In preparing this document, I did a search of feminism and homelessness and feminism and suicide and found that feminism is addressing both of these issues, but for women, children, and the LGBTQ community only.

Well this article asks those questions of feminist and their male supporters, is feminism really about equality, and is it really for everyone? In our mind and teachings, feminism is about human rights.

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