Slovenia 100 international dating

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Slovenia 100 international dating

The main objective of the Agreement is to settle mutual rights and obligations between the five successor states regarding the succession after the former common state, in accordance with the rules of international law.

Slovenia is entitled to another six properties under the 2012 division agreement (a villa in Brasilia, a consulate general in Sao Paulo, the embassy in Rabat, the embassy and the residence in Dar es Salaam and the residence in Mali), but has not taken them over yet as the successor states have not yet agreed on a handover timeline.In recent years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also obtained approximately 200 pieces of art by Slovenian artists.From May to October 2015, the National Gallery in Ljubljana hosted an exhibition organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Foregin Affairs titled .In December 2016 Slovenia took over from Serbia 43 international agreements whose depositary was the former SFRY and which relate exclusively to the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.This represented the first restitution of SFRY state archives to any successor state.The Agreement regulates in detail the issue of the division, copying of and access to the archives of the former SFRY.

It envisages free and unimpeded access by the representatives of successor states with a material interest to the state archives of the SFRY.The two countries also agreed that Slovenia should soon take over the next tranche of international agreements.It is especially important for Slovenia to obtain the originals of the Osimo Agreements, regarding which no agreement has yet been reached with Croatia, as required by the Agreement.In total, Slovenia has thus obtained over 100 original texts.Together with the treaties, Slovenia took possession of the border documentation, which among things contains land surveying and topographic data and maps relating to the border with Italy (land border), Hungary (Zone A) and Austria, that is, the part of the former SFRY border which today is exclusively Slovenian.On 30 August 2017, Slovenia took possession of the remaining 60 treaties relating exclusively to the territory of the Republic of Slovenia which had been deposited with the former SFRY.

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