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Electrical authorities must have enough capacity to supply the system when demand is at its peak.And commercial generators won't invest unless they have a secure market for their output.

While similar problems exist across the country, energy economist Adam Fremeth says it may be most pronounced in Ontario.

A farm windmill in front of giant turbines in South Australia that feed the world's largest lithium ion battery made by Tesla that went into operation last week.

(David Gray/Reuters) Producing electricity has never been so cheap.

"The second important milestone is when new renewables become cheaper than operating existing plants." She says we're reaching that second moment now.

Hastings-Simon, Pineau and Fremeth all said that adapting to the new low-cost energy regime will require a rethink of our current models for funding electricity.

"I mean, that's not fair, but it's also not decent." "To be blunt," Wynne said, "I think it's the act of a bully. CBC News has made repeated requests for comment from Joyce and Horton-Joyce in recent days, but none have been returned.

The two are members of a group called the Great White North Franchisee Association, which represents Canadian franchise owners who have been squabbling with their corporate parents over recent changes, including cost increases and other issues.As described in a report by Fremeth and his colleagues, wholesale power prices have plunged well below the cost of production."But only those who import from Ontario are paying that price," says Pierre-Olivier Pineau, an expert in energy policy and markets at HEC Montreal business school."There are two important moments," says Hastings-Simon, who has a doctorate in quantum physics from the University of Geneva and worked for years as a consultant for Mc Kinsey before taking a 60 per cent pay cut to move to the environmental group."One is when you hit the price where renewables like wind and solar are cheaper than building new gas or coal plants," she says.Efficient generation technology, including low-cost wind and solar, and natural gas prices at levels no one predicted a decade ago have contributed to those bargain prices.

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