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She doesn't remember everything that happened, and maybe she never will.Though she held down a job, and raised two children, she wonders, sometimes, if she will ever be 100 percent.

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Palm had prepared and one member of the committee actually asked: “So let me get this straight.And so, in real time, as men and women are coming forward with their painful stories, titans of media, industry, entertainment have stepped down. Well, one would hope the perpetrators will be brought to court, but equally important is appropriate therapy for the victims.And the field of mental health counseling isn't necessarily ready for everyone who has come forward.Matlen has been in the field for years, during which she said she has encountered "institutional amnesia," or a "general unwillingness to acknowledge the validity, prevalence and impact of mental and physical abuse in the histories of patients." She was an elementary school teacher in New Haven, and a marriage and family counselor in San Francisco, and "It is only fairly recently that the psychological community is waking up to the psychological impact of trauma and trying to address it," she said.Studies from the 1980s said that the incidence of childhood physical and sexual abuse is higher than originally thought, and it's is extremely high among people who seek treatment, said Barton."The #Me Too movement suggests to me that we are only learning about the frequency of these experiences," said Barton.She tries not to think about what her life would have been, without the abuse.(That's a losing game, as is asking who you would be if you had different parents.

That's how deeply ingrained is childhood sexual abuse.

In an attempt to turn those bullets into butterflies, in 2015, Andersen and clinical psychologist Leslie Matlen established a fund with the UConn Foundation to provide training for doctoral students in the treatment of clients who have experienced trauma.

Since then, the fund has reached about 54 therapists, said Marianne Barton, clinical director of the school's department of psychological sciences' psychological services clinic.

“The rest need to get out of the way, because it’s time and we’re marching in there on Jan.

1 of 2019 a determined voting bloc.”That’s not to say the women will agree on everything, but it will be more women than has ever led the state — or the country.

We are at the cusp of a revolution, and we need to get ready. As people come forward to talk about sexual misconduct, therapy may be their next step. They uncover the pain, and then they seek to understand it.