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For a message to appear from a name it must be stored in your phone’s address book.

First, please confirm that the recipient has text messaging enabled with his or her carrier.

When this happens, a carrier will attempt to deliver your message for up to 72 hours.

A short code is a five- or six-digit number to which text messages can be sent from a mobile phone.

Incoming MMS messages may be received as replies or in combination with your Keyword.

The cost per MMS message is 5 cents -- typically 1 credit per recipient.

For video and audio, you may send files up to 500kb.

Yes, you can receive MMS messages in your EZ Texting account.An SMS (text message) is a short message, which can be sent to and from a cellular phone.Nearly all phones purchased in the last ten years are capable of sending and receiving text messages.Every carrier offers different text messaging packages. This includes numbers, spaces, symbols, and punctuation.Text messages are usually delivered to mobile phones within a few seconds to a few minutes. Please note that additional delays may occur if the recipient's phone is turned off or is outside of the coverage area.MMS is also capable of delivering text messages up to 1,600 characters in length.

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