Updating table of contents

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Your document should consist of titles for each section of your document and the text.Make sure that your table of contents shows the number of levels that you need.

Can that not be extracted out and made part of Open XML SDK? As for a text that has subjects and sub-subjects, table of contents also. From the list of the possible styles, select the option " Heading 1 ". From the text that was written, it's now necessary to put a style in the titles "Introduction", " Initial situation ", " Determination of the problem " and "Development".This article explains how to update the Table of Contents (Contents Page) or Table of Figures or Table of Tables in your Word 2007, 2010 or 2013 document, which could be a report, dissertation, thesis, book or anything else.To find out how to create a Table of Contents in Word, please refer to this article.Here is the result by using the "From template " format. If you did not add a text with styles, you can choose the first option: Update the numbers of page only.

If you press the button Options, you can determine if the entrances(entries) of the table of contents result from the list of the styles or the fields of entry of table. If, on the other hand, you added, to remove or to change of the text for the table of contents, select the second option: Update all the table. For the example, we are going to concentrate on the characters.

At the time of the creation or of the update of the table of contents, Word fetches the text that has a style of type " Title 1 ", " Title 2 " or " Title 3 " to insert it then into the table of contents.

It's for that reason that you must put the right "style" in the right subject. The introduction is a main subject of any document. At the very beginning of one of the toolbars, you'll find the list of the styles. To be able to have the text in the table of contents, you should give a style to this text.

The following characters help better to align the numbers of pages in the title that is connected with it.

select the style that will go best according to your needs. The word processor offers you two possibilities for the update.

If you bring last minute changes to you`re document. This can change the place of all the titles of your document. You noticed certainly that as you applied a style to the titles of your document that its presentation changed. Change the font as well as the size and the color of the text your choice Once finished change the prensentation style, press the OK button.

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