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Validating web site - dating rules to my future self wiki

But what happens if you write a sentence that says "Chris ate a pie" when you meant that he ate a sandwich?Syntactically, the sentence is correct, since all the elements of the sentence, subject ("Chris"), verb ("ate") and object ("a pie") are in the right order.

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If Bing Webmaster Tools is able to verify your site, you will see your site information begin to populate.

If you see a red text message stating “We weren't able to verify your site,” review the information in the steps above and try again.

Execution procedure used by combatant command components, supporting combatant commanders, and providing organizations to confirm to the supported commander and US Transportation Command that all the information records in a time-phased force and deployment data not only are error-free for automation purposes, but also accurately reflect the current status, attributes, and availability of units and requirements.

You can find a list of free ones (including specialised validators like those that check your code for accessibility) from the Free HTML Validators, CSS Validators, Accessibility Validators page at https:// There are a number of reasons why you should validate your page.

Validating your web page does not ensure that it will appear the way you want it to.

Most policies around the world are based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the W3C.

In the United States, these guidelines are the basis of the standards mandated under Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act.The site lets you specify a file to validate by entering a URL, uploading a file, or pasting the content into a form. There is an offline version of the validator intended for bulk use, but it’s a Perl script and difficult to install, at least on Windows.There is also a web service API, but apparently it has no WSDL file and so is inaccessible from tools requiring such a file.Section 508 standards affect all federal government websites. University websites are not required to conform to Section 508 standards, although some universities may adopt these standards as the basis of an institutional policy.Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act also affects websites developed or maintained by the U. Outside of the United States, the W3C guidelines serve as the basis of most accessibility policies.It may be found at: A CSS validator checks your Cascading Style Sheet in the same manner.