Validating while loop

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Validating while loop

This will work because we are assuming that all the data are positive numbers, so zero is not a legal data value.

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And if the parameter provided by user is incorrect I would like the user the provided correct value and until then don’t proceed to the next intent.The program will ask the user to enter one integer at a time.It will keep count of the number of integers entered, and it will keep a running total of all the numbers it has read so far.What happens if the condition is true, but it becomes false somewhere in the middle of the loop body? It doesn't, because the computer continues executing the body of the loop until it gets to the end.Only then does it jump back to the beginning of the loop and test the condition, and only then can the loop end.One way to validate data is to create a model schema; Loop Back will then ensure that data conforms to that schema definition. The following code defines a schema and assigns it to the product model.

The schema defines two properties: name, a required string property and price, an optional number property. Rather than modifying the error responses returned by the server, you can localize the error message on the client.

be either simple statements or compound statements.

Simple statements, such as assignment statements and subroutine call statements, are the basic building blocks of a program.

At the same time, we'll look at examples of programming with each control structure and apply the techniques for designing algorithms that were introduced in the previous section. There are a few points that might need some clarification.

What happens if the condition is false in the first place, before the body of the loop is executed even once?

Here is an example - Pizza ordering In the above example if the user provides anything else other than 12 or 18 inches for the pizza size the system should not be ordering the pizza.