Virtual reality dating game online

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Virtual reality dating game online

The ability to engage users through multiple senses, communicate from the safety of your own space, and the capacity to hear, see, and maybe even feel your partner in a virtual space are some of the many reasons why virtual reality may be the future of dating and love.As with most technology, the early adopters are often gamers.

The science of love based in the real world speaks in all five senses.What is more surprising is how these digital tools are going beyond the first stage, resulting in longer, more meaningful relationships.Perhaps virtual worlds will harness the power of lust to engage users and cultivate attraction similar to digital technologies where users are motivated by love but addicted to lust.Virtual environments are already being used as a means for more short-lived, lustful connections with others.In virtual environments experiences are shared by digital avatars that are based on the creator’s desired projection.It suggests the desire to be with another person for reasons beyond the physical.

With nearly one third of all recent marriages beginning online, it’s easy to see the great potential of virtual reality for building lasting relationships.

Companies like VRChat allow users to “create, publish, and explore virtual worlds with other people from around the world” creating a perfect platform for a virtual first date.

Other companies like Altspace VR allow users to create their own spaces, taking it a step further by hosting events where people can meet and talk in settings aligned to users unique interests.

Romance in a time of virtual reality may mean that people move more quickly from lust to attraction with constant access to technology delimited by time and through more sustained and intense interactions.

Researchers like Arthur Aron believe that falling in love is as simple as asking a question.

While avatars may need to be relatively accurate representations of ourselves to foster true love, the ability to connect using multiple senses is of great concern.