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It had the right amount of camp and humor, but it was the slow build to the horror element that made it, to me, a classic. Fright Night '11 takes the same basic premise, but has none of the fun with it.Marti Noxon – the Queen of Mean – transplants the Angelus character from the Buffy/Angel Whedonverse and hands the role to a more talented actor in Colin Farrell.

This is a solid C effort, but I would have like to have seen a more accomplished director – and definitely no Noxon influence – for this movie.Furthermore, the people would not be thrown forwards into the airbags, but thrust back into their seats. I'm pretty sure the first time I saw Fright Night '85 it was on cable television.I soon went out and and rented it – and its inferior sequel – and found a movie I really liked.Much less effective are the other potential victims that wander about the film.Most are disagreeable and unlikeable, and in the case of Dave Franco seem to be too old to fit into the film's high school age group characters.Seemingly, a mere ten minutes – it may have been a little more or less – Yelchin's Charley Brewster is already aware (in a way) that vampires are real.

That sucks all of the tension out of the ensuing scenes and helps get the leaden feeling of the movie going.

Watching a cookie-cutter, Las Vegas Mc Mansion in an oddly isolated subdivision burn provokes no reaction from me, except that many built unwisely during the housing boom.

There is no vibrancy to the movie, and that is a problem. There was a problem with the projection during the previews, and while it was resolved to the point of where it wasn't just blurry, most of the effects that were in 3D never really popped.

Some are obviously meant to, and if they do it will add more to the experience.

Other than those flashy (and repetitive) sequences, there are only three or four shots that effectively make use of the technology (no, I am not counting the crossbow bolt shot seen in the previews).

Colin Farrell makes his way into a restaurant for lunch on Wednesday afternoon (January 24) in Los Feliz, Calif.